A fighter squadron of the Tussia Air Force. (Novosti)
A fighter squadron of the Tussia Air Force. (Novosti)

By Carlos A. Quiroga

World War III has arrived, not in the classic form of a conflagration but in stages.

That is how Pope Francis described the international situation, particularly in the Middle East, where several conflicts are crossed, all with high levels of violence, becoming increasingly difficult to understand who is attacking whom, who supports whom, who is financing whom.

Francis made his description last week during his visit to Cuba and the United States, the two countries where the Cold War that followed World War II persisted longer, until the dawn of the 21st century.

A new stage of the current world war began on Wednesday when Russia carried out its first attack on Syria, in defense of the government of Bashar al-Assad and pointing against “terrorists” that until recently were considered the “liberators” that the West financed in his failed attempt to oust al-Assad.

Heroes yesterday and today “terrorists”, victims today and aggressors tomorrow, depending on who qualifies, the protagonists of violence in the Middle East seem chips in the military and economic chess the great powers are playing.

The Pope called to end the violence as a way of living, thinking on the weakest -women, children, and elderly- who suffer the worst consequences of war that knows no boundaries and begins to cause one of the worst immigration crisis in history.

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