FBF Extraordinary Congress in Cochabamba,Tuesday. (APG)
FBF Extraordinary Congress in Cochabamba,Tuesday. (APG)

By Carlos A. Quiroga

Just over a month ago, an apparent majority of Bolivians welcomed the arrest of Carlos Chavez and other leaders of the Bolivian Football Federation, pointing them as responsible for almost all the ills of the sport.

Chavez stopped being president of the FBF on Tuesday, dismissed by an extraordinary congress that completed a change in the leadership.

The new leaders who came to the dome of football since July have achieved their goal of getting rid of the old boss but did not give clear signs of radical changes.

For example, they have appointed a new head coach of the national team, which has been rejected by professional clubs even before starting work.

They wanted to use personal bank accounts for a payment intended for FBF for a next international match against Argentina.

Even, the same congress on Tuesday was surrounded by street demonstrations and struggles between leaders.

Nothing is further from last month applause.

While awaiting trial for corruption, who knows if Chavez smiles in Palmasola prison betting that his successors may be able to change the structure of football, but not a lot of bad habits.

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