Alexis Tsipras, renunciante primer ministro de Grecia. (PL)
Alexis Tsipras, renunciante primer ministro de Grecia. (PL)

By Carlos A. Quiroga

Win a national election by a large majority and resign just seven months later seems to go against all logic. But it just happened … in Europe.

Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned Thursday to make way for early elections. The new government will administer a bailout of 100,000 million dollars, granted by the European Union to help the country to leave from its deep economic crisis.

The same Tsipras is the frontrunner. Several polls indicate he retains great popularity though has failed to fulfill his election promises.

Once a Marxist militant, the Greek leader accepted virtually all conditions of the major EU partners to access the financial support: more austerity and fiscal discipline, freeze pensions and layoffs in the public sector.

These were exactly the conditions that Tsipras promised not to accept during the campaign that led him to victory in January.

“We made an agreement with which we disagree,” the Greek leader said ironically when he presented the agreement on financial assistance.

The Greek congress approved the bailout, but nearly a third of the deputies of Tsipras Syriza party, the radical leftists, voted against.

Betting all or nothing, Tsipras can emerge stronger from the next election, or become a mere anecdote in the long Greek history.

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